Wednesday, August 10, 2011

First Day Of School

Everyone keeps asking me when I go back. Even the administrators from my old school seem genuinely interested in when I go back. "I go back the same day you do, I just don't have students for two and half a weeks". While their eyes bulge out of their heads they ask "What will you do for two and a half weeks with out students?" A genuine question that I myself have been wondering. The answer... I have no idea BUT they have yet to waste my time. My next three days are New Teacher Orientation which involves today, an entire day to work in my classroom (justified by my Directors comment of 'What's the point of having teachers in meetings if all they will think about is how much work they need to accomplish in their classrooms?'), tomorrow where I then have a Front Office Orientation, and time to work on my curriculum, and Friday where I have a Financial Orientation, Lunch with the Director of the whole School, and again, time to work on my curriculum.

Thus far they are keeping to their philosophy of education that my time is actually worth something, which I appreciate more than they know!


  1. GOOD for you What is the name of your school?

  2. Oh that's topic secret information ;)

    On another note, SUCH a good day yesterday makes me look forward to today :)