Friday, August 12, 2011

After Three Days of PD...

After three days of Professional Development I am both completely thrilled and completely terrified. I am in a place where I feel that everyone is so much smarter than I am. This is both a relief... and a terrifying concept. I feel like I'm back in a "fake it till I make it" mentality. Everyone has such amazingly  different strengths that I have never tapped into that I seem to find myself not saying much and instead watching and listening to what is going on around me.

People say "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all" which is a crock. Its "If you don't have anything intelligent to add, don't say anything at all".

On the plus side, NOT ONCE has my time been wasted in the last three days and not ONCE have I felt than anyone has treated me like I wasn't valuable. Its a wonderful time of change and wonder at the school as a whole, there are seven new faculty members and being a part of such a large group has made my experience much better as well, including being treated to lunch two of the three days, once by the Director of my school and once by the Director of the whole school.

Such a positive experience has of course been coupled with stress dreams but... no beginning of school experience would be whole with out them :)

More to come I promise, for now its nap time in order to help my brain function in a more productive capacity vs. in a lets avoid work capacity :)

Cheers my fellow teachers and friends!

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  1. THAT'S the way you, and all teachers, should be treated. I look forward to hearing more about teaching and life in Phoenix, especially the creative writing class.