Monday, August 15, 2011

Embarrassed About Being Appreciated?

Yes, it is true. I have had to come to the unacceptable realization that I am uncomfortable when it comes to being complimented and appreciated; and I am absolutely appalled by the realization.

What kind of place was I working in that has left me shell shocked about being appreciated? What kind of place left me lacking basic life skills like being able to say thank you when you are told that you're energy is astounding? Am I really that different here? I truly do not think so... and yet.... here I am.

Today the full faculty is back in action and everyone is equally as friendly and equally as helpful as the staff I have met thus far. In new teacher introductions I heard multiple times people say "This school is my philosophy of education embodied", "This school is my dream job", "This school will allow me to be a better educator and do better for my students" and I can't say I disagree.

A philosophy of student choice (that is actually a philosophy of student choice and not just words), a philosophy that pays credence to the fact that there are human elements to educators (people are people and their emotions are important!), it truly is my dream job just like my fellow faculty members.

I will try to sound less excited, and try to sound less obsessed with my new jobs, but for now I will be obsessed and a work-a-holic :)

Cheers to my fellow teachers and friends!!!

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