Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Professional Development Day Two

I have sat down to write this post multiple times now and failed each and every time. My brain is more fried than I expected and I'm happy to be in my home. Note to self: biggest adjustment to living at home this first month of school... NO down time what-so-ever.

But on to more important matters. Yesterday was a much more fluid day, setting our own times for meetings and deciding what those meetings entailed which was a benefit to me because it gave me a chance to wrap my brain around the amount of work that will need to be accomplished even before the start of the school year. I spent some time getting a key and a pass card -  even though my contract doesn't start until August which wowed me. I think that at some point the professionalism and the trust in my judgement as a professional will stop to shock me, however, I have not reached that point yet.

I started my day meeting with the woman whose class I am teaching next year and discussed with her what she has done in the past, and moreover was introduced to the resources at my disposal. The classroom is gorgeous with a beautiful view of the desert mountains, something I was going to miss about Tucson were the desert landscape views... now I have one to look out at from my own classroom. After meeting with her it was down time, technology meetings, lunch, and then ending the day with meeting with the 8th grade teachers. We discussed the students who will be staying, and I now feel like I already know these students. These teachers are so in-tune to their students, they have obviously taken the time to get to know their strengths and the weaknesses, and were so sad to see each and every one of them go. With only 20 students it is easy enough to discuss who we are getting in the 9th grade and how the social dynamics of that will work. And people say that small numbers don't matter...

This summer I have a lot of work to do, and what seems like not enough time to get it done and yet I'm absolutely thrilled by the challenges ahead. Woot!

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